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Cheap holiday packages to Africa don't usually come easy. This will only happen if you reserve a car hire from us! From our fantastic car hire philosophy to easy pick-up and drop off, giving a stress-free holiday in the care hire of your dreams is our tradition. Our friendly staff is here to help and get you one step closer to enjoying your holiday.

If you're planning family package holidays, look no further. Augustine Logistics offers a wide variety of spacious car hires that will fit all the kids and their luggage with room to spare. With our car hire options, with the money saved the family will have more money to spend on souvenirs! Planning a romantic getaway? Book and take advantage of a stylish car hire plan you can rely on every moment and drive in style. We offer a wide variety of car hires in order to best meet your vehicle and holiday needs to Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. From economy cars to SUVs, you are sure to find the vehicle of your dreams.

Whatever your plans are, we will be there to help you find the car hire you need - no matter which of the cheap holiday packages you've decided on. The affordability of car hires from Augustine Logistics will not only make you happy, but will make your wallet happy. Our car hire plan is not only affordable, but is the reliable way to get you where you need to go throughout Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. Email us your travel needs today and experience the simplicity of an African car hire package.